ZLEZJ Consultancy B.V.

ZLEZJ Consultancy B.V. develops tailor-made software solutions for the music and event businesses. Modules that are developed are amongst others:

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ZLEZJ Consultancy B.V.
Ingmar Bergmanpark 54
The Netherlands

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The software solutions of ZLEZJ Consultancy B.V. are developed using the Pochet runtime system.
The General Terms and Conditions of ZLEZJ Consultancy B.V. apply to any and all quotations and agreements whereby ZLEZJ Consultancy B.V. delivers goods and/or services of any nature, also if such goods and/or services are not further specified in these General Terms and Conditions. A copy of these General Terms and Conditions in dutch can be obtained from your contact at ZLEZJ Consultancy B.V..

ZLEZJ Consultancy B.V. is statutory seated in Delft and registered at the Chamber of Commerce, Centraal Gelderland under number 27177789

Date last changed: 13 november 2019